The spacecraft system consists of a number of subsystems necessary to successfully achieve the mission goals.
In addition to conducting necessary studies for all subsystems, coordination of interfaces between subsystems is also required.


Yasuhiro KAWAKATSU, Project Manager for MMX.
It's my honor to lead such a challenging mission for planetary science and exploration. Researchers and engineers from all over the world are heavily engaged in this mission study, with the aim for launch in 2024. We hope you are as interested as we are in the goals of MMX and we warmly welcome you to join us on our journey.

Yasuhiro Kawakatsu

Project Manager for MMX

Explanation of the spacecraft


Mission Subsystem

The various different instruments to measure scientific data.

Data handling Subsystem

The data obtained from mission instruments and the spacecraft bus system is processed here to transmit to Earth. At the same time, data that cannot be downlinked is recorded in the Retrive Data Recorder (RDR) installed on the Sample Return Capsule.

Electrical Power Subsystem

Generates, stores, and provides electrical power to the whole spacecraft.

Guidance, Navigation and Control Subsystem

Controls the attitude of the spacecraft and maintains knowledge of where the spacecraft is located.

Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem

By using sensors and actuators such as thrusters and gyroscopes, this controls the spacecraft’s orbit and attitude.

Landing Subsystem

Consists of the landing gear and all other necessary devices to land the Martin moon surface safely.

Thermal Control Subsystem

Maintains thermal conditions for all devices and instruments.

Communication Subsystem

Provides communication functions between spacecraft and the control center.

Structure Subsystem

Provides structural support to the propulsion module, exploration module, return module, and all onboard devices and instruments.

Propulsion Subsystem

Responsible for the chemical propulsion system used to accelerate, deaccelerate and control attitude.


Sampler : collects samples from the Martian moon.
Sample Return Capsule: responsible for bringing samples taken from the Martian moon safely back to the Earth.

Ground System

Consists of ground facilities such as antennas to operate the spacecraft via sending commands and receiving measurement data.